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14 Feb 2022

In 1875 she moved home to Toronto and passed the examinations of the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Ontario. [...] She wrote to a number of ranches to request a research position and was rejected until she concealed her gender by signing the forms with her initial and not her first name. [...] She was the first person in the world to study giraffes in the wild. [...] In 1941, just after her arrival back home to Vancouver, she and her family were collected and interned in a camp in Northern BC. [...] This work was why she was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2018 – (Only the third woman in the world and the first woman to be awarded the prize in 55 years.) Strickland was an Associate professor at the University of Waterloo when the prize was announced.


Judd-Archer, Rosemary

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