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study to assess the availability of Resources for Creating the assets and initiatives taken for Generating Various own sources of Revenue

10 May 2022


Chapter 3 provides an overview of the demographic characteristics of the respondents in the GPs, along with In this backdrop, the Ministry of Panchayati Raj (MoPR) details of the administrative capabilities in the GP offices decided to assess the level and extent of the reach of and their development plans. [...] In the total distribution, of the study is to examine the performance of the GPs in half of the respondents in the GPs are Panchayat Secretaries, generating various sources of revenue for the local bodies in followed by Sarpanches. [...] Chapter 4 of the report discusses the various types of CPRs available with the GPs for revenue collection and The report is divided into six chapteRs Chapter 1 details the different taxes through collection of which revenues are the background of the study, the available inferences raised. [...] The present study aims at assessing the level and providing many recommendations towards augmentation extent of the reach of the own source of revenue (OSR) of the OSR of the LBs to complement the grants provided that are collected by the Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) to them by the Central and State Governments. [...] On one hand, enhancement in service the different types of common property resources available, provision by the GP would result in increased mobilisation of the different types of taxes being leveid by states, the OSR, on the other hand, greater collection of revenue enables method of generating taxes, and the total tax realisation the GP to provide better services to the citizens.