cover image: Cours régional PEV CEEAC 28-31.03.2022 _Rapport synthèse_v.2022_04_25 FINAL_E


Cours régional PEV CEEAC 28-31.03.2022 _Rapport synthèse_v.2022_04_25 FINAL_E

5 May 2022

Their contributions particularly underscored the complexity of the phenomenon, the various causes of violence, the way it is used in different places, the changing composition of armed groups, the many and varied reactions of local populations to this violence, and the varying pace of State responses. [...] The number of people joining armed groups is indicative of the strength or absence of this feeling, a measure of the value of the social contract between the individual and the community and between the community and the State. [...] Hence the importance of investing massively and at all levels in the life of communities and of fostering the spirit and policies of decentralization at the national level. [...] The recognition of gender equality in decisions, discussions and participation in the social life of the country is one of the opportunities provided by the PVE. [...] The PVE programme of the Swiss FDFA Following the adoption of the United Nations Plan of Action for the Prevention of Violent Extremism (2016), the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) made this topic a priority (*).



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