¢ - 2nd Fiscal ¢ ¢ Recklessness Index 2020 Project - Rankings of Financial Irregularities
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¢ - 2nd Fiscal ¢ ¢ Recklessness Index 2020 Project - Rankings of Financial Irregularities

31 May 2022


The aim of Act 921 is: ports on the public accounts of Ghana and the statement of foreign exchange receipts and “To regulate the financial management of the payments of the Bank of Ghana as soon as the public sector within a macroeconomic and reports have been presented to the Speaker to fiscal framework; to define responsibilities of be laid before Parliament. [...] “A Principal Spending Officer shall, on an an- Regarding the mandate of the Board, section (2) of nual basis, submit the following to the Min- the PPA states that: ister and Auditor-General: (a) a report on the status of implementation of recommendations “The object of the Board is to harmonise the process- made by the Auditor-General in respect of that es of public procurement in the public servi. [...] With the support of the Public Accounts Committee of The Controller and Accountant-General provides Parliament, the legislative arm of the government pro- accountancy services to support the MDAs and vides dialogue and discussions on the specific details the production of accounting reports in line with of the audit report and the finances of the state. [...] These financial reports which are sub- ever, the fundamental basis for the financials and the mitted to the Auditor-General form the basis for the audit reports are the specific financial records of the supreme audit role of the Ghana Audit Service. [...] Out of the 7 board members of the Audit Service theless, execution of the disallowance and surcharge Board, 5 of them are appointees of the President mandate is not enough unless this is followed by ad- which creates a problem about the independence ditional processes that lead to the refund of the state of the board to have oversight responsibility over the monies.

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