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Cash for Comments - How YouTube’s Super Chats Tool Enables the Platform and its Creators to Profit from Live Chat Feeds Promoting

4 May 2022


broadcast during periods of notable news events in the US; specifically, the period that followed the US 2020 Video Selection election; the trial of Derek Chauvin in April 2021; and the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse in October 2021. [...] The AP issued a fact check comments include: in September 2021 confirming this claim was false.19 • “For those saying it did nothing, the most powerful January 6 and Threats of Violence people in the world were laying on the ground Tim Pool broadcast live on Timcast IRL on 6 January and hiding behind chairs because, for a moment, 2021 and spoke about the events that occurred in the their bubble th. [...] The the 2021 CPAC conference which violated the platform’s same claim was the subject of a fact check by Politifact guidelines on election misinformation.28 who stated that the claim was a “misinterpretation of how counting mail-in ballots works.”29 Super Chats ISD analyzed 10 videos on the RSBN channel, broadcast Two comments directly referenced conspiracies related on the channel between October. [...] to Dominion Voting systems ($5 and $20 SC) while As noted in the methodology, some of the videos of two comments linked to a website run by the America the RSBN YouTube channel are up to 10 hours long so Project, an initiative led by “pro-Trump millionaire analyzing a large portion of this channel was beyond the scope of this report. [...] 14 Cash for Comments The Young Turks These 42 comments equate to $289.03 (also 2% of the total amount of money spent on the channel.) Taking into account the 70/30 split, these comments earned the Background Young Turks $202.32 and they earned YouTube $86.71.