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The State of Climate Action Implementation in Ontario Municipalities – 2021 Report opens in a new ta

6 June 2022


It describes the ambitious In recent years, many municipal governments actions taken by the municipalities of the Clean Air have shown increasing climate leadership, Council network across Ontario to reduce emissions adapting their services to be more responsive and serves as a resource for other local governments to the impacts of climate change. [...] Public mass transit benefits the shifting the demand to a mix of travel modes and economy and the environment and also helps away from the busiest travel periods of the day. [...] More than 30 percent The introduction of express bus routes, of commuters in Kingston online availability of real-time bus arrival use a sustainable form of and trip information, extended Sunday and holiday service and improved fare options transportation for commuters are some of the reasons for the increase in people using public transit. [...] Ecosystem Protection and Restoration Boosting the carbon sequestration potential of ecosystems through the protection and restoration of existing ecosystems and creating new human-made ecosystems is an effective approach to reducing and removing carbon emissions. [...] Significant reductions in municipal GHG emissions will require a shift in how we manage energy supply, natural and agricultural ecosystems, and how we inhabit and move in the urban spaces where most of the world’s products, energy and materials are consumed.