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Defining Britain's Post-Brexit Role in the World

21 Jun 2022

The purpose of this paper, written by more than 20 foreign policy experts, politicians, and academics, is to help the Government to - at the least – do a better job of choosing in a complex post-Brexit world where ministers no longer have the luxury of waiting for the EU to set the direction. It begins with an in depth historical look at our journey of entering the EEC and leaving the EU, asking what are the lessons of Brexit. It then reviews the geo-political situation in the major regions of the world and sets out recommendation for foreign policy in each region. The paper reconnects our future opportunities to our once well-understood structural and cultural strengths. It does so not as an act of nostalgia but as a forward-looking and mature resumption of a course of action interrupted by the aberration of our forty-year long excursion into and out of the continental project.
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Centre for Brexit Policy

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