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Jews and Arabs Israel 2021

7 Jun 2022

The nature of the relations between Jewish and Arab citizens in the State of Israel is Iden. [...] The research report on which the data presented in this summary is based, is the fourth in 30 the series A Conditional Partnership: Jews and Arabs in Israel (following those published in 2016, 2017, and 2019). [...] Our aim in 26.5 doing so was to assess whether the various events of the intervening months—chief among 9 them the violence in Israel’s mixed cities and the inclusion of Ra’am in the new governing 2019 August 2021 2019 August 2021 coalition—led to a substantial change in relations between Jews and Arabs in Israel. [...] The Viterbi Family Center for Public Opinion and Policy Research conducts empirical research on the attitudes of the Israeli public regarding the functioning of the Israeli government and political systems and the extent of Israeli society’s commitment to fundamental democratic values. [...] The Center’s goal is to enrich public discourse in Israel on issues of public policy and society, and works to achieve this goal by creating, analyzing, and distributing reliable information and making it freely available to researchers, journalists, and the general public in Israel and abroad.
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