cover image: Niger - Hepatitis E in Diffa Region   - Crisis overview


Niger - Hepatitis E in Diffa Region - Crisis overview

4 May 2017

The ban on traveling by motorcycle, the most common means of transport in the area, and the curfew at night Health: A hepatitis E outbreak was declared in mid-April in Diffa region. [...] These people are particularly vulnerable due to the consequences of the The health system in Niger is under-resourced. [...] More than 50% of the population does conflict between BH and the militaries of the wider region, including the MNJTF (ECHO not have access to health services. [...] Investments in improved sanitation may help prevent the ongoing in Diffa region since 2015, and are likely to hinder the response to the hepatitis prevalence of Hepatitis E (WHO 2016). [...] Flooding is likely to further aggravate WASH needs, leading to Surveillance, prevention and control of disease is the responsibility of the Niger Health the spread of the outbreak to new health districts and neighbouring provinces.



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