17 Oct 2018

The new violence is likely to have displaced more people, which would add to the estimated number of 246,000 that were displaced as of August 2018 since the beginning of the crisis in 2017. [...] A spike in the In Cameroon people began fleeing from the Southwest and Northwest regions in fear violence put the available health centres under pressure due to the increased number of violence weeks before the presidential elections that were scheduled for 7 October of injured people and those suffering from trauma (IFRC 02/10/2018; OCHA 05/2018). [...] Generally, elections were held peacefully countrywide, with in the Northwest and Southwest regions have caused the disruption of the waste the exemption of the two anglophone regions where there was violence and a high level disposal services. [...] As of 17 October, those numbers are likely to be higher due to the recent unrest in the Disruption in education services exacerbate the vulnerability of children, who are at risk Northwest region in particular, exacerbating the vulnerability of the IDPs and their host of exploitation, child labour, early marriages and unwanted pregnancy (OCHA 05/2018). [...] The recent armed activities reported in the Northwest region by September, poor households and IDP communities in the regions are facing Stressed armed groups have caused the disruption of traffic.



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