POLICY BRIEF on - IPV6 Transition in India
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POLICY BRIEF on - IPV6 Transition in India

14 May 2022


The need for the adoption of IPv6 in India and the world are discussed, and an outline of the technologies available to enterprise IT organisations and ISPs to transition to IPv6 is presented. [...] With the USA being a pioneer in the development of the internet, organisations and companies based in the US garnered a majority of IPv4 addresses, with the remaining chunk being distributed amongst the rest of the world. [...] The use of such private addresses in the network results in ambiguity as the process of resolving the to or from addresses becomes dependent on the network node where the question originated.16 The result of this division is the enforcement of a client/server architecture over a peer-to-peer one, with the servers needing to exist in the public address realm. [...] The group promotes the adoption of the IPv6 protocol in the national communications network, examining and monitoring the mechanisms necessary for transitioning to IPv6 and preparing the related guidelines to ensure interoperability of communications networks, equipment, and services36. [...] The network number is used to determine the location of the host computer network, and the host number identifies the precise computer in the network.46 IPv6 is the latest version of the Internet Protocol and is not directly compatible with its predecessor, the IPv4.

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