ZAMBIA  1.18M  1.58M


ZAMBIA 1.18M 1.58M

18 Aug 2021

In the Western province, ten districts are likely to face Crisis (IPC Phase 3) levels of food insecurity, as well as three districts in the province of Southern (Gwembe, Siavonga, Sinazongwe), two in Lusaka province (Luangwa, Rufunsa) and the districts of Lunga, Evidence Level Chavuma and Chilubi. [...] During the 2020/2021 agricultural season, the country received average to above-normal rains, with some places in the northern half of the country experiencing flooding due to excessive rains leading to waterlogging of crops. [...] Further, Central, Southern and Western Provinces experienced an outbreak of the African Migratory Locusts that devoured some of their cropland, leading to reductions in production in some of the districts in the three provinces. [...] In Zambia, the number of analyzed districts are selected based on a shock having occurred: this year, the number of analyzed areas has slightly reduced to 61 compared to 64 in 2020, when 1,43 million (25% of the analyzed population) were classified in Crisis (IPC Phase 3 or worse) compared to 1,18 million (10% of the analyzed population) in 2021 in the current period, which goes up to September 20. [...] The analysis saw the participation of key stakeholders from The IPC is a set of tools and procedures to clas- Government Ministries, Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU), Zambia sify the severity and characteristics of acute Department of Meteorology (ZMD), Zambia Statistics (ZAMSTATS), UN (WFP, FAO, food and nutrition crises as well as chronic UNICEF, UNFPA), Save the Children UK, Oxfam.
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