Policy Brief - Implications of Food Systems for Food Security: The case of the Republic of
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Policy Brief - Implications of Food Systems for Food Security: The case of the Republic of

16 August 2022


Hostilities persisted despite the peace agreement between Frelimo and Renamo in September 2014, and concerns about hostilities remain after the Maputo peace agreement in Aug 2019.5 Given its natural resource abundance and high growth rates for over two decades of peace and stability, what is the status of its food systems and their implications for food security? The goal of the Five-Year Developm. [...] This Policy Brief analyzes the progress it has made to its food systems since the peace accord of 1992 and the challenges for the remaining years of the current plan to address. [...] Although Mozambique has weak direct linkages with Russia and Ukraine, the concern is that the rise in international oil and cereals prices may undermine the economy and the external balance as Mozambique's imports of oil and wheat represent 12% and 3% of its total imports respectively. [...] With the latest discovery of and current investment in Africa's largest natural gas reserves off the coast of Cabo Delgado, one of the richest provinces in terms of mineral wealth but one of the poorest in terms of development, Mozambique faces a stark choice: invest this new found source of income stream to transform Mozambique or succumb to the Dutch Disease like so many resource-rich countries?. [...] About the Policy Center for the New South The Policy Center for the New South (PCNS) is a Moroccan think tank aiming to contribute to the improvement of economic and social public policies that challenge Morocco and the rest of Africa as integral parts of the global South.

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