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Criteria for the production of sustainable PtL for aviation - Derivation and definition of implementation criteria for the generation

3 August 2022


After a brief analysis of the demand for PtL for aviation (chapter 2) and a description of the state of the art of PtL production technology (chapter 3), criteria are developed on the basis of global guard rails and sustainability goals (chapter 4). [...] The future demand for synthetic kerosene thus not only depends on the development of transport performance and efficiency of aircraft, but is strongly influenced by the CO2 reduction targets set for the coming years and the use of biofuels. [...] The choice of process for CO2 separation from a raw gas and the amounts of energy required as electricity and heat depend on the CO2 concentration in the raw gas and its pressure level as well as the availability of e.g. [...] In the process, the limestone is converted to calcium oxide (CaO) and CO2 is released These process-re- lated CO2 emissions represent about 2/3 of the total emission, the rest is caused by the incineration of fuels. [...] One example is the of the connection between the increase in agricultural productivity and the use of CO2 from a biomethane processing plant.