A Genuine National Integrity Commission for  Australia  S


A Genuine National Integrity Commission for Australia S

8 Feb 2019

It is disconcerting that for some time, the Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison Coalition government has opposed the creation of a Federal anti-corruption body and that the model it now proposes in the face of pressure from Labor, the Greens and various cross-benchers is lacking in substantial commitment. [...] We are strongly of the view that the Commission should have the power to hold hearings to investigate corruption in the public service in public view where doing so is in the public interest. [...] This would risk giving the executive too much power over the judiciary, undermining the fundamental principles of judicial independence and the separation of powers between the judiciary and the executive. [...] We concur with the Law Council of Australia that there should be a separate national judicial commission to monitor complaints against judges relating to misconduct or impairment, modelled on the NSW Judicial Commission; (d) The power of the Commission is limited to preparing reports and referring potential criminal conduct to the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions, without the power to. [...] Option 3 in the Griffith University / Transparency International report, the preferred and most expansive and broad-based model was estimated to cost $104.7 million per annum, an amount approximately in line with New Zealand’s anti-corruption body and the weakest of the Australian state commissions.8 The inadequacy of the 8 A J Brown et al., A National Integrity Commission – Options for Australia,.


Trevor Clarke

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