War Crimes in Ukraine: In Search of a Response
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War Crimes in Ukraine: In Search of a Response

18 August 2022


In the spring of 2022, the horrors of Russian war crimes in Bucha shook the world, revealing systematic rape, torture, and executions. As the war in Ukraine continues, there is little doubt that such practices are commonplace, although they hardly make the news anymore as issue-fatigue sets in outside Ukraine. Indeed, the International Criminal Court (ICC) Office of the Prosecutor concluded that there is reasonable basis to believe crimes against humanity and war crimes have been committed in Ukraine since 2014 — not just in this latest phase of the war. In turn, the public discourse in the West — as well as in Ukraine — has regularly and casually started veering towards half-jokingly endorsing all sorts of brutalities against Russia’s leadership, fighters, and even civilians. These shifts also pose a not-insignificant concern in the Baltic states, which are among the most ardent advocates for Ukraine.

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Egle Murauskaite
Egle Murauskaite is Senior Non-resident Fellow with the ICONS Project at the University of Maryland.