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“Scaling Up Investment for Jobs in Africa: Connecting Best Practice of Investment and Economic Devel

21 June 2022


8 INTRODUCTION On the development finance side, this is epitomised by the United States’ Development Finance Corporation developing an Impact Quotient18 and the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development requiring CDC – the UK’s development finance institution – to maximise impact and secure scale.19 According to the Center for Strategic and International Studies and the Overseas De. [...] It suggests a strategic and targeted approach to identify sectors and subsectors to invest in—accounting for both investment and economic development criteria— and then provides a framework to step up investment facilitation in the private and public sectors.21 It requires a marriage between free-market principles and government intervention in catalysing market activity, fixing coordination chall. [...] Countries that produce a set of goods and services that make it easier to innovate and start producing a more advanced set of goods and services tend to develop faster than those that produce goods and services that do not facilitate innovation towards more complex goods.46 The third reason is the role of products in the political economy and the extent to which they increase or decrease the commi. [...] The combination that can strengthen the capacity of the political of a lack of modern—typically export-oriented and economy and of the government to deliver such market-based—industrial policy on the one hand, and an enabling environment. [...] While the Due to limited bandwidth and expertise, these transaction advisors are focused purely on the agencies also needed external facilitation to develop technicalities of a deal, the long-term embedded and maintain the relationships with these potential advisors linked the technical aspects to the political investors, so that they could respond to their and institutional context, and to the pr.