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Universal Early Childhood Education and Adolescent

1 September 2022


To shed light on the de- terminants of kindergarten enrollment growth during the reform, we examine the correlations between the growth of the kindergarten enrollment rate and pre-reform provincial characteristics 11 Figure 3: Geographical variation in the growth of the kindergarten enrollment rate during the kindergarten reform 40 30 20 10 Notes: This figure shows variations in the kindergarten e. [...] In addition, we refer to the years prior to the phase-in period as the “pre-reform” period and the years after the phase-in period as the “post-reform” period. [...] As shown in panel C, the rate of teenage pregnancy was higher in treatment provinces in the pre-reform period, but the gap reversed in the phase-in period and remained stable throughout the post-reform period.15 Our graphical evidence suggests that the kindergarten reform decreased juvenile arrests and 15Onemightwonderwhy the juvenile arrest rate temporarily rose during the late 1970s and early 19. [...] In the phase-in period, the estimates exhibit a downward trend and are significantly negative in the last few years of the phase-in period and the first few years of the post-reform period. [...] Specifically, we plot the estimates for Ûℎ, the coefficients for the growth of the kindergarten enrollment rate during the reform, in the event study model (see Equation 1).