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On the frontline of the food crisis - Tackling extreme hunger in conflict-affected communities - Every £1 donation results in an additional £20

23 August 2022


60% of the world’s hungry Together with the World Food Programme, live in conflict areas Christian Aid is working to support vulnerable people in these dangerous situations – first to get the food they need increase in costs to survive, and then to support them as 44% to provide aid, they restore their livelihoods so that they compared to 2019 can support themselves for the long term. [...] We work with the communities to ensure that we can equip them to provide for themselves’ Sophie Kaonongera, Humanitarian Response Manager the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Christian Aid and the World Food Programme working in partnership Sophia in the DRC, has been able to hire help to farm her land and buy clothes for her grandchildren with the support she received from the programme. [...] Our programmes aim to break the cycle of food insecurity and support people to re-establish their Since 2019, Christian Aid has self-reliance been working together with the Emergency cash assistance – empowering World Food Programme as an people with vouchers and cash to enable them to make their own choices on what they need while implementing partner to tackle supporting the local markets food i. [...] This project Monitoring, Evaluation engages the community to bring positive changes and Learning Officer to the camps, such as constructing pathways and drainage systems, and fortifying bridges and slopes to improve the disaster preparedness of the ‘The communities have huge challenges community. [...] These projects allow camp members to regarding their shelter, their education earn cash for their work, and intentionally provide and treatment’ work opportunities for vulnerable and excluded ‘Most of the camps are in the hills, and due to groups, such as women and people with disabilities.