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HIV Epidemiology Annual Report

1 Sep 2020

The 2019 HIV Epidemiology Annual Report presents another year of improvement in new HIV diagnoses and care outcomes. Nevertheless, some of the disparities observed in previous years have continued. To further understand these disparities, we have included new data and analyses in this report about social determinants of health among people newly diagnosed with HIV (Section 18). Trends and disparities in new diagnoses - New HIV diagnoses declined 19% from 204 diagnoses in 2018 to 166 diagnoses in 2019. This compares to a 13% decline between 2017 and 2018 (Figure 1.2). - Rates of new diagnoses for both Black/African American and Latino men declined in 2019 after annual increases during 2016-2018 (Figure 2.2). - Black/African American men and women had the highest HIV diagnosis rates by race, with rates per 100,000 population of 79 and 22, respectively, followed by Latinx men and women (Figure 2.2-2.3).
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