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Submitted by Feedback,

2 September 2022


Another challenge is matching the values and ambition of a procurement strategy to the values of the businesses procured from. [...] There is a need for procurement professionals to look beyond the locality of the supplier or distributor and to the food miles associated with the products themselves. [...] However, there are strong arguments for eating local and seasonal food to reduce environmental impacts, as well as the economic and social value delivered when anchor institutions invest in their local Feedback works for food that is good for the planet and its people. [...] Covid-19, droughts in Canada and the Russian invasion of Ukraine has laid bare the fragility of our current approach to food supply chains, in terms of both distribution models and access to food. [...] This is why it is so necessary to approach the problems of our current food system through the creation of a cross-sector food vision for the future in which we all have a part to play.