Policy Brief - The Militarization of Democracy in Chad: Peaceful transition at
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Policy Brief - The Militarization of Democracy in Chad: Peaceful transition at

15 September 2022


The military takeover of the state and the crackdown on civilian protests, however, cast doubt on the TMC’s willingness to resolve the politico-military instability in Chad through a peaceful democratic transition. [...] • The Transitional Military Council (TMC) should redouble its efforts to ensure that the inclusive national dialogue leads to a national reconciliation, a consensual constitution, free and fair elections and the establishment of strong institutions that will continue the reconstruction of Chad after the transition period. [...] rule, delays in the organization The peace agreement, signed in of a national dialogue and in the Qatari capital, Doha, on August determining a clear election 08, 2022, commits signatories to a timeline are major concerns for ceasefire and guarantees the safety the reintroduction of democracy of rebel leaders during the national in Chad. [...] The national dialogue dialogue scheduled for August 20th, which was initially scheduled for 2022.10 The rejection of the peace February 15, 2022 and then May 10, agreement by the main rebel group, 2022 in order to pave the way for a the Front for Change and Concord in new constitution and democratic Chad (FACT) and about eight other elections, was postponed and rebel groups however cast doubt resc. [...] on the success of the dialogue as Opposition parties and activists the eighteen months (18) transition believe that the postponement of from military to civilian rule winds the national dialogue which should down.

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