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11 Jul 2022

George Kembo, Director of the Food and Nutrition Council, Office of the President and Cabinet COUNTRY NUTRITION STATUS PROGRESS TOWARDS Annual country nutrition indicators SUN 3.0 STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES (SO) from the Global Nutrition Report: SO.1 Strengthen and sustain strong policy and advocacy environments eastern-africa/zimbab. [...] The Subnational MSPs have annual action plans Office of the President and Cabinet hosts the SUN focal point and MSP representatives are institutionalized within sectors. [...] SO.4 Ensure governance of SUN that promotes country Building on the momentum of the SUN Business Network to bring in leadership and responsibilities of government, aligns the more small and medium-sized enterprises to tackle malnutrition. [...] The draft Multisectoral FNS Strategy outlines the goals, activities and responsibilities of all sectors and has a monitoring Topic: Multi-stakeholder coordination and evaluation framework with clear annual targets. [...] National and Title: Multisectoral response for resilience and FNS subnational MSP members developed the framework, aligning it About: to commitments.
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