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Provincial Transfers and Financing Municipal Infrastructure in Alberta

29 August 2022


ALBERTA MUNICIPALITIES FUTURE OF PROVINCIAL MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT TRANSFERS AND SERIES Volume 15:26 FINANCING MUNICIPAL September 2022 INFRASTRUCTURE IN ALBERTA Bev Dahlby and Melville McMillan We have benefited from the comments of two anonymous referees and Alberta Municipalities and Alberta Municipal Affairs officials, but we are solely responsible for the analysis and conclusion expressed in th. [...] PROVINCIAL TRANSFERS AND FINANCING MUNICIPAL INFRASTRUCTURE IN ALBERTA Bev Dahlby and Melville McMillan EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Concern and uncertainty about municipal finances surround the government of Alberta’s plans to transition the Municipal Sustainability Initiative program to the Local Government Fiscal Framework. [...] A close examination of provincial capital transfers and grants to municipalities shows that capital transfers are not allocated based on municipal capital purchases and grants seem to favour municipalities with higher-than-standard fiscal capacities. [...] The allocation of funds is disproportionate and there is a definite need to restructure provincial transfers to municipalities. [...] Provincial grants and transfers need to be restructured to more fairly and evenly distribute funds to the municipalities.