Procurement policy Compliance law policy
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Procurement policy Compliance law policy

20 October 2022


Development It remains highly concern- Ministry of Environment, ing that more than five years Website not accessible Website not accessibleForestry and Tourism after the operationalising Ministry of Industrialisation, No No of the Public Procurement Trade and SME Act of 2015, that the highest Development offices and government de- partments in the land contin- Ministry of Fisheries and Yes No ue t. [...] Ministry of Works and No No The issue of non-compli- Transport ance in terms of producing Ministry of Sport, Youth and Yes No and publicly posting annual National Service procurement plans also fea- Ministry of Information, No No tured in public procurement Communication and compliance audits conduct- Technology ed by the PPU in the 2021/22 financial year. [...] The significance of the compliance audits is sketched by the PPU early in the report, stating: “The Government of the Republic of Namibia recognise the need to maintain faith and confidence of the general public in the operations of the pro- curement system by instituting compliance audits to deter- mine compliance by public entities and provide reports for public consumption and institute measure. [...] with a compliance audit report and that a follow-up au- Namibia’s higher education institutions, the University of dit would be conducted “in a period of 12 months from Namibia and the Namibia University of Science and Technol- the date of the audit”. [...] The report stated that the disqualified bidder had approached the Review Panel to look at the procurement process and that the nSFAF’s ‘unapproved’ building matter was, at the time, being considered by the Review Panel.