The Carbon-OFF plan - A climate action guide for philanthropic organisations
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The Carbon-OFF plan - A climate action guide for philanthropic organisations

2 August 2022


ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS A huge thank you to the ClimateWorks Foundation for its generous funding, the team at SGR for input and feedback, especially Jan Maskell and Emily Heath, and the Argument by Design for layout. [...] climate progress? In this introductory guide, In early 2022, the urgency and necessity of Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR) this goal, which was enshrined in the Paris shows how such institutions can protect the Agreement, became even more apparent climate in three key ways – by cutting the when the Intergovernmental Panel on carbon footprint of their own operations, by Climate Change (IP. [...] The greater the likelihood of 1 Divesting your investments from fossil these fossil fuel resources staying in the fuels7 (and so reducing your Scope 3 ground, the more likely we are to meet emissions as discussed above); the international climate change targets 2 Switching to or continuing to use an ethical agreed under the Paris Agreement in order bank that has divested from fossil fuels to preve. [...] According to a team at rating for the oil and gas sector as a whole the University of Waterloo in Canada,10 from “intermediate” to “moderately high” “lower share prices increase the costs because of the move away from fossil of capital for the fossil fuel industry, fuels, poor profitability and volatile prices, according to news reports.13 “Divestment 7 The quick definition of what constitutes a f. [...] And there are major that when equity mutual funds decarbonize links between the political and economic by selling climate-damaging shares, control of (especially) international oil and the resulting “decarbonization selling gas resources and the use of military force, pressure” pushes the price of these stocks sometimes leading to war.19 downwards.

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