ETHIOPIA - Northern Ethiopia: two years into the crisis - KEY MESSAGES
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ETHIOPIA - Northern Ethiopia: two years into the crisis - KEY MESSAGES

4 November 2022


years and the humanitarian situation in terms of displacement, priority • The access of humanitarian organisations to people in need has varied over the course of the conflict. [...] The blockade led to fuel shortages and the depletion of humanitarian stocks in Tigray The conflict has jeopardised the safety and security of humanitarian responders, restricting throughout 2022 (OCHA 13/09/2022). [...] With prolonged conflict, maintaining these becomes challenging for households because of the limited availability The spread of conflict to the boundary areas of Amhara at various periods in 2021–2022 of and access to food in the region, leading to high malnutrition rates particularly among has increased humanitarian needs, with clashes unrelated to the northern Ethiopia conflict pregnant women an. [...] Funding shortages have reduced the cause of illness is apparent among the most vulnerable, with a reported increase in the number of people targeted for assistance, leading to an overall decrease in the assistance death of children under five years of age as a result of malnutrition compared to before the received (OCHA 07/07/2022 and 22/07/2022). [...] Returning IDPs report temporarily moving to different locations in search of water and The closure of schools in many parts of the region has increased the risk of exploitation and pasture for their livestock to cope with the impact of drought (IOM 09/07/2022).

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