cover image: BEIJING’S GLOBAL MEDIA INFLUENCE - Authoritarian Expansion and the Power of Democratic Resilience


BEIJING’S GLOBAL MEDIA INFLUENCE - Authoritarian Expansion and the Power of Democratic Resilience

7 Sep 2022

In many countries, journalists and civil society groups have led the way by ensuring diversity of The Chinese government is accelerating coverage, exposing coercive behavior and disinformation campaigns, and instilling both vigilance and resilience in a a massive campaign to influence media new generation of media workers, researchers, and news outlets around the world. [...] Such cases highlight the to target independent sources of news that carried criticism need for democracies to adopt clear and narrowly tailored of the government.15 In Poland, the government tried to rules surrounding foreign influence and investment, with justify a push to change the US ownership of a private media independent oversight and an emphasis on transparency company by citing the need t. [...] And in the United States, despite concerns about the vague wording and inconsistent application of the Laws and regulations with Foreign Agents Registration Act, stronger enforcement with regard to Chinese state news outlets enhanced transparency transparency provisions facilitated on the financing of content placements in mainstream media, detection of Chinese Communist within and outside of the. [...] Longer-term information on the different Chinese state media outlets projects could include surveys of journalists and scholars and their ties to the CCP, examples of past disinformation regarding censorship pressures, detection of disinformation campaigns, and China-based apps’ track record of surveillance campaigns, tracking and analysis of Chinese diplomatic and and censorship within China. [...] The state In September 2021, researchers linked a hack of the media broadcasting conglomerate China Media Group’s Hindi conglomerate the Times Group, the parent company of the Facebook page has 7.2 million followers, just below the 10 Times of India, the Economic Times, and other outlets, to million followers of the British Broadcasting Corporation’s the Chinese state.
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