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17 November 2022


pandemic preparedness? ‘Global Recovery and • How to set up a planning Preparedness for the I draw the above observations from community for local recovery Pandemic’ and focuses on the my interactions with a variety of and pandemic preparedness? various recovery and stakeholders including the • How can protest and public preparedness concerns related community leaders in the delta of interest liti. [...] The adopted for the people coming from is managed by the members of the strategies during the pandemic and “Balerante”. [...] Majority of the respondents have project provides a small stimulant the communities completely or to stated that the local government fund to support the implementation, a limited extent in the assessments, plans do not take into and the village committee mobilises planning, implementation and consideration the disaster risks local resources through accessing monitoring. [...] Village Leader, and Police Officers; survey conclusion and develop the and agreed the plan to maintain and following key recommendations to Increase community’s participation repair the above-mentioned influence policy makers and relevant in development planning and activities. [...] While the impact of Covid-19 is not the majority of the marginalised urgent need to establish effective and static and varies in different community while only 28% inclusive feedback loop to ensure dimensions and extent, the recovery marginalized households mentioned that public policies and responses are and resilience pathways are of receiving some kind of adequately informed by the needs, neces.