Overtime and a right to disconnect in Australia
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Overtime and a right to disconnect in Australia

21 November 2022


Overtime and a right to disconnect in Australia Call Me Maybe (Not): Working Overtime and A Right To Disconnect in Australia By Eliza Littleton and Lily Raynes The Centre for Future Work at the Australia Institute November 2022 Go Home on Time Day 2022 1 About The Australia Institute About the Centre for Future Work The Australia Institute is an independent public policy think The Centre for Futur. [...] The report covers the negative consequences of overtime and gauges the appetite of workers for a right to disconnect. [...] Previous Go Home On Time Day reports conducted since the onset of the pandemic have explored and documented the blurring of work-life boundaries during the pandemic.5 In reaction to growing overtime and the omnipresence of technology in recent years, some countries have moved to limit work outside of hours through various policy measures and protections. [...] The degree to which the obligation rests on the employer, and is then a hard approach, relies on the strength of the negotiators to set the terms. [...] The purposes of this right would be to support productive work from home, support flexibility, protect the right of workers to disconnect from their job, place a positive duty on employers to accommodate that right, and allow employees to appeal to the Fair Work Commission where their right is not observed by employers.