Health Watch Issue 4_NS D-33095_
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Health Watch Issue 4_NS D-33095_

16 June 2022


An opportunity for the United States is to continue to highlight the value of the commitments that we’ve made to international organizations like the World Health Organization, and to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. [...] If the surgeon operates by himself, doesn’t listen to the nurse who’s in the room, doesn’t listen to the assistant surgeon, doesn’t talk to the other members of the team, the case doesn’t go as well as when we work together as a team, jointly, and share information, and have a shared understanding of what we’re trying to do. [...] Health Watch 7 We are working very hard, collaboratively, across the MHS, to characterize the operational medical requirements in the same way the rest of the military does, and then characterizing the supply — what we have in the inventory today, and, equally importantly, what we will need in 2030 and beyond — as we look at joint warfighting concepts and other constructs that the secretary and ch. [...] And the only way to do that is to present the military health system the same way that the rest of the military looks at any of their capability. [...] Leveraging your links to the COCOMs and the combatant commanders, where would you like to see the research and development (R&D) community focus their efforts to best support those in-theater operations and the COCOMs’ needs? I made the comment earlier that the Military Health System, to be relevant, and, frankly, to continue to seek resources from the rest of the military, has got to behave like.

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