cover image: Eurojust Single Programming Document 2022 – 2024 - Second Amendment


Eurojust Single Programming Document 2022 – 2024 - Second Amendment

8 Nov 2022

Support to networks Eurojust will further support and develop synergies with a diverse and growing set of judicial practitioner networks such as the EJN, the JIT network, the Genocide network, the EJCN, the national correspondents for terrorism, the prosecutors’ focus groups on migrant smuggling and trafficking in human beings, the ENPE, the EIPPN and the Consultative Forum of Prosecutors General. [...] More specifically, the following legislative and technical developments will profoundly affect – to a varying extent – Eurojust’s existing tasks and resource needs during the period 2022-2024: • The proposed modernisation of Eurojust’s CMS; • Improved possibilities for data exchange and ‘hit/no-hit’ between Eurojust and its partners, in the context of the EJR and the Interoperability Regulations;. [...] Coupled with the new operational and external funding possibilities of the EJR and the Eurojust FR, the abovementioned developments will increase the quantity and quality of data stored, processed and exchanged by Eurojust and thus bring greater operational benefits and synergies. [...] As per the agency’s Activity Based Budgeting (ABB) methodology, the 2022 budget contributes to the MAS 2022-2024, by allocating more than two thirds of the Eurojust’s human and financial resources to core tasks and priorities, under MASO 1-Casework (46.3%), 2-Cooperation (10.1%) and 3-Digitalisation (13.3%); and 79% of the human resources to activities required to fulfil the agency’s mandate and l. [...] Objective 3.1.1 – Ensure Eurojust’s active contribution to the Digitalisation of Justice to improve information exchange and interoperability Actions • Manage the implementation of the new Eurojust CMS, including finalising the market research for the technical solution, initiating the analysis and design phases and purchasing the first infrastructure and software components • Participate in the t.



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