Working for solidarity in a safer world - SOUTH SUDAN
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Working for solidarity in a safer world - SOUTH SUDAN

2 December 2022


© Thomas Martin/Saferworld n a safe space for peace actors – from civil society to authorities – to develop their own approaches and Our vision strategies to break the deadlocks holding South Sudan back and address the long-term transformation of Saferworld’s vision is a just and peaceful world, in which generational division and conflict everyone enjoys the rights and freedom to live and thrive w. [...] and the South Sudan context; bespoke trainings and communities can discuss and challenge traditions and It is called the Revitalised Agreement for the Resolution of facilitation support for aid organisations; the Better Aid norms that perpetuate discrimination against women and Conflict in South Sudan. [...] There are challenges, but the pilot employment for residents, and encourage cooperation proved to be successful and gave hope to members of the and integration between different ethnic groups, Apada community action group and the communities it particularly the Dinka and Luo communities. [...] We use our of, such as community-based and In South Sudan we strengthen and community security, justice and cohesion, and challenge narratives expertise to ensure small arms and light civil society organisations or armed influence the design and implementation peacebuilding needs, by working with that perpetuate the fragmentation of weapons disarmament strategies and cattle camp youths) to challen. [...] communities, civil society and authorities to challenge We will reinforce the collective power and leadership and transform the harmful gender norms and traditions of women’s rights organisations to advocate for Our community work will focus more explicitly that dehumanise women and exclude them from women’s representation in peace processes and policy on healing the traumatic effects of conflict.

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