HIGH STAKES FOR NATURE CantheMontrealsummitclinch aglobaldealforbiodiversity?
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HIGH STAKES FOR NATURE CantheMontrealsummitclinch aglobaldealforbiodiversity?

16 November 2022


Photo: JK Gabbert The reserve will protect mature forests, wetlands, and critical habitat for species at risk like wood turtles while supporting vital ecological connectivity between the forests of Algonquin Park and the Ottawa Valley to the south and the boreal forest to the north. [...] The decision to hold the COP15 of the United Nations to use the COP as an opportunity to Convention on Biological Diversity in Montreal in December is the most recent put nature into the hearts and minds of every Montrealer and Quebecker and, example of the nation’s global environmental and conservation leadership. [...] biodiversity loss, and, unless we deal with both of them, the health of the 2022: Montreal is named as the location of the long-delayed 15th Conference of planet – and our own well-being – is in the Parties of the UN CBD to be held in December. [...] Nitah – the land globally in comparison to their protected and conserved areas in this former chief of the Lutsel K’e Dene population and the fact that these country are being led by Indigenous First Nations who helped shepherd are the healthiest lands in the world, nations and communities,” says the creation in 2019 of the 2.6-million- providing nature-based services, it’s Schwartz. [...] Can you comment on the role of organizations, like CPAWS, that bring conservation issues to the attention of the public and politicians? The CBD is probably one of the most open negotiation processes that there is in the UN system.

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