cover image: 1 - Inclusion of Precarious Migrants in Essential Services: Ten Policy Recommendations


1 - Inclusion of Precarious Migrants in Essential Services: Ten Policy Recommendations

1 Dec 2022

Clarify rules on access to public services Limited access to advice is a clear factor in the loss of regular status (‘lapsed regularity’) and in prolonging irregularity due to The laws and regulations governing migrants’ access to public incorrect applications and missed deadlines. [...] should be inclusive of people regardless of status and reflect This information, regularly updated, should be available to the need to take account of migrants’ varied and complex service providers and be the subject of staff training. [...] European municipalities and install ‘firewalls’ have spelt out the economic, social, legal and administrative efficiency arguments why this is the case.⁵ To achieve Where there is an entitlement to use a service, individuals can municipal policy goals and avoid the negative consequences nevertheless be deterred by fear of detection, detention and of exclusion, national policies and municipal pract. [...] Develop a council-wide vision and strategy transnational municipal networks may help to raise awareness, to deliver it share expertise, build confidence and add authority to the case for reforms in law, policy and funding restrictions, at national Precarious migrants are often at the margins of society and and European level.¹² invisible to elected representatives and senior policy makers. [...] Evidence about the residents services regardless of status, such as (in most cases) education concerned, their social and economic role, the barriers they for children and healthcare for communicable diseases and face to accessing services and the consequences of their emergencies.
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