A Report of the CSIS Aerospace Security Project DEFENSE AGAINST
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A Report of the CSIS Aerospace Security Project DEFENSE AGAINST

24 March 2021


The creation of the Maginot It is clear we are in the very early stages Line can be traced back to the writings of developing the correct application of CLICK TO FLY BACK TO Since the turn of the century, the dou- of Sun Tzu on the superiority of the de- Sun Tzu’s tenets to space combat. [...] This indicates that the PLA views the space domain as analysis of the space environment and primarily an information domain and a key element of the PLA’s information war- its threats, risks and opportunities” fare forces.15 and notes that threats in the space do- main “force our country to revisit its The primary space focus of China’s SSF appears to be the development, launch, model in order to. [...] Part of the methodology behind this Since the 2007 Chinese ASAT test, a variety of studies, exercises, and events have study is the use of workshops with highlighted the vulnerabilities of space systems, the far-reaching effects of “a day space and policy experts to test space without space,” and the fact that space is a contested warfighting domain. [...] Satellites can be designed lection of data.62 Filters and shutters add weight and complexity to satellite de- Interleaving is the process of dividing with antennas that “null” or minimize signals from a particular signs and may require a detailed under- and mixing the bits of data being trans- geographic region on the surface of the standing of the technical capabilities of mitted in a noncontiguo. [...] The number of shots would be limited by the number of physical pro- jectiles that could be stored on the sat- ellite or the power capacity of the satel- CLICK TO FLY BACK TO lite to generate the large amounts of THE CONTENTS Bodyguard satellites fire projectiles at an incoming warhead while the target satellite ma- energy needed for successive high-pow- neuvers to safety.

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