Unlocking finance for nature: learning from experience in driving climate action
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Unlocking finance for nature: learning from experience in driving climate action

13 December 2022


lvi However, MDBs contribute significantly less to the post-2020 GBF calling for the alignment of public and private biodiversity finance than to climate and therefore policymakers, financial flows with the goals and targets of the framework, as an including the UK Government Department for Energy, Food equivalent to Article 2.1c of the Paris Agreement,xlvii as called for and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). [...] The full alignment of multilateral and development finance with the goals of the Paris Agreement and GBF and the have called for urgent government use of all the instruments and levers within their armoury action to address the nature crisis, to support the transition at pace – at an international and national level. [...] The development of integrated national sectoral pathways given the global nature of private finance, and of the climate and scenarios to achieve national goals on climate and and nature crises, effective national level action is underpinned nature, to which the private sector can align. [...] broken down into a set of measurable global targets reflecting the multiple aspects of nature and including a clause calling By learning from and building on the framework that is playing for the alignment of financial flows to the framework, as an an important role in achieving climate goals, and taking equivalent to Article 2.1c of the Paris Agreement advantage of the opportunities presented by. [...] The biosphere is all the planet’s ecosystems, including both the collection of organisms on Earth and the space that they occupy on part of the Earth’s crust (the lithosphere), in the oceans (the hydrosphere), and the atmosphere.

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