th 7  - Detailed Program


th 7 - Detailed Program

4 Oct 2022

A general overview of the consequences of the safety of users and staff, of the emerging violence and threats, and also of the measures mobilized to remedy them will be presented by the various invited speakers. [...] Prior to that, he was Director of internships at NAE, Prefect of Aude, Prefect of Meurthe-et-Moselle, Prefect Delegate for Equal Opportunity to the Prefect of Essonne Jacques Reiller, Director of the cabinet of the Minister in charge of relations with Parliament, Roger Karoutchi, Director of the cabinet of the Prefect of the Ile-de-France region, Bertrand Landrieu, Deputy Director and then Directo. [...] He is now responsible for the Security and Control of the Société de transport de Montréal, which has the mandate to ensure the safety of customers, personnel and infrastructure of the STM bus and metro systems and the application of various regulations, including fare regulations. [...] Her work has focused on the inclusion and integration of the gender perspective in urban transport projects and the promotion of the right of women and girls to access the city and its opportunities. [...] These projects include the construction of a terminal worthy of an international capital for cruise ships (Realization of the Brussels Cruise Terminal); Development of the logistics artery into an urban boulevard (Vilvoorde Causeway); the development of the surface of the Pulsar Erasme project (depot site for the automated metro); and the transformation of the traffic circle into a real urban squa.
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