MHFA Standard – Facilitator Agreement
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MHFA Standard – Facilitator Agreement

16 August 2022


None of the documents, manuals, books, information, or other materials provided to me in the course of my training or at any other time that relate to the Program (the “Materials”) may be reproduced in any form, in whole or in part, without the express written permission of the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC), Betty Ann Kitchener and Anthony Francis Jorm (“the Copyright Holders”). [...] I acknowledge that unauthorized variations to the Materials could lead to adverse effects on the Program participants, and I hereby indemnify the Copyright Holders from any actions, proceedings, suits, or liability that may arise or be suffered by them by virtue of my unauthorized alteration of the Materials. [...] I acknowledge that when I lead the Program, I am doing so individually (or on behalf of my employer) and not on behalf of MHCC, that while MHCC is responsible for the content of the Materials, I am (or my employer is) solely responsible for any liability arising from my conduct of the Program and any claim that a participant in the Program may have as a result of my (or my employers) acts or omiss. [...] Participants must complete the course with the same group for the duration of the course. [...] I understand that any breach of the foregoing provisions may result in the suspension of my qualifications and/or the revocation of my qualification to deliver the Program by the MHCC.

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