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2022 1 42 0 13 1 0 - Contextual information 0

30 November 2022


This Hate Monitor is a snapshot of monitoring, documentation, and verification of incidents by a network of 26 monitors across the country. [...] The subject of the monitoring is incidents of hate-motivated violence and violence against events organized to promote the rights of communities targeted with hate-motivated violence. [...] IDENTIFIED INCIDENTS 29 REACTIONS 43 1 42 0 13 1 0 STATEMENTS PUBLICATIONS PUBLIC BY CSOs IN THE MEDIA CONDEMNATIONS BY OFFICIALS PHYSICAL PROPERTY OFFENSIVE ASSAULT DAMAGE GRAFFITI Contextual information 0 15 0 In the process of liberation of previously occupied territories, a large number of war crimes are uncovered, including those with a hate motive against the representatives of marginalized. [...] Foreign students from Sri Lanka in OF GRAVES RELIGIOUS HARASSMENT the Kharkiv region, unable to flee, were detained and tortured BUILDINGS by Russian forces in chambers discovered by Ukrainian law enforcement officers following the liberation of the region in September. [...] The ↑1 ↑1 ↑2Zakarpattya Chernivtsi ↑2 marcher’s state of health is satisfactory, but this Mykolayiv ↓5 Zaporizhzhya attack is one more piece of evidence that instances Hate incidents Odesa of hate-motivated violence continue to occur Damage to religious Kherson despite notable positive developments.

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