CHINA MEDIA BULLETIN Headlines - Hu Jintao removed
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CHINA MEDIA BULLETIN Headlines - Hu Jintao removed

22 November 2022


Xi secured a historic third term as general secretary of the party; promoted into the Politburo Standing Committee loyalists who presided over the disastrous 2022 Shanghai COVID-19 lockdown and eviction of migrant workers in Beijing in 2017; and had the party constitution amended to emphasize the “Four Conscious- nesses,” values Xi developed that affirm his central role in political life. [...] Xi declared the event a “success” as the congress called on the “the whole party, the whole army, all people and all ethnic groups in the country” to unite closely behind him, and equated his own ideology with the essence of Chinese culture and spirit. [...] • China orders tech companies to “improve traceability” of users: Ahead of the 20th Party Congress, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) launched a three- month campaign to “crack down on internet rumors and false information.” The campaign’s objectives included improving the “traceability and accountability” of user behavior by supervising website platforms and encouraging them to improve. [...] The confidential internal reporting system is the “eyes and ears” of the party, according to the CCP’s descrip- tion, and propaganda is its “throat and tongue.” • CBC forced to close Beijing bureau: On November 2, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) announced it was forced to close its China bureau after its cor- respondent Philippe Leblanc had unsuccessfully waited over two years for a jo. [...] On November 10, Cheung was interviewed by the security minister Chris Tang on his Facebook show, and vowed to “collabo- rate seamlessly” with the police and other government departments when asked about the “tense” relationship between the broadcaster and police in 2020.

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