Analysis - just transition briefing note for Members of Parliament
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Analysis - just transition briefing note for Members of Parliament

10 January 2023


ISSUE BACKGROUND The federal government is planning to introduce just transition legislation in early 2023, in response to the thousands of people from coast to coast who continue to demand a transformative approach to the climate crisis that is rooted in justice and led by workers and impacted communities. [...] Just transition legislation must create new public economic institutions and expand public ownership of services and utilities across the economy to implement the transition • This legislation should establish crown corporations to facilitate economic diversification and job-creation investments in affected communities. [...] • This legislation must reject privatization and public-private partnerships (P3s) and expand public ownership in sectors like manufacturing, telecom, agriculture, transit, electricity, water, and housing, to ensure the transition is rooted in justice and the needs of workers and communities, instead of corporate profits. [...] The transition should be funded by increasing taxes on corporations and the wealthy and be financed through a public national bank • Just transition legislation should be paid for through the implementation of a windfall tax, an annual wealth tax, and the closing of egregious tax loopholes, including raising the corporate tax rate, and ending agreements with tax havens. [...] Raise the issue of just transition legislation at your next regional caucus meeting and discuss with your colleagues the need to ensure that the forthcoming just transition legislation meaningfully addresses the intertwined climate, social, and economic crises with bold and the transformative measures described in this petition.

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