Net Free Seas Handbook - For artisanal fishing communities
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Net Free Seas Handbook - For artisanal fishing communities

13 December 2022


The fishers help to accumulate and clean used fishing nets and ropes and sell them to their respective project coordinators. [...] NFS Project officers are available to support the NFS Project officers can design of bookkeeping support net cleaning and systems and facilitate the storage training for transportation of fishing nets communities to ensure they and ropes to recycling are ready for recycling. [...] discourages the use of chemicals to clean nets and ropes as this may cause harm to you and the environment. [...] 8 How to prevent fishing gears from entering the sea The easiest way to prevent fishing gear debris from damaging marine ecosystems is to stop them from entering the sea or removing them from the sea as quickly as possible. [...] Work with other fishers to mark or flag the checking with the Department of Marine and locations of underwater rocks or areas where Coastal Resources or the Department of fishing gear may become stuck or damaged.

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