Flagship Report -  Twenty years of UK governance programmes in Nigeria
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Flagship Report -  Twenty years of UK governance programmes in Nigeria

7 October 2021


The overall research question is ‘whether, how, under what conditions and for whom have Over a 20-year period, the UK became the UK-funded state-level governance programmes second largest bilateral donor to Nigeria, in Nigeria contributed to sustained changes in including the largest in the governance, health governance and related changes in health and and education sectors. [...] It concludes interventions can contribute to improvements by presenting the 26 governance, health and in health and education because they influence education indicators along the service delivery the ‘service delivery chain’ that connects the chain that the research has tracked over 20 years Nigerian federal, state and local governments to in the four states, which correspond to the main frontlin. [...] The functioning of the chain depends The research has narrowed the range of steps on core governance processes relating to PFM, in the service delivery chain it has examined to PSM and E&A to mirror the shared scope of the correspond to the broad areas of continuous UK programmes under review. [...] What have been the key contextual relative to the size of the economy over the conditions, of which governance systems, at period, creating a challenging context for PFM which level (international, federal, state or and for increasing spending on primary health local), which enabled the mechanisms to work or basic education; (v) the preponderance of and in what way? State Governors in state-level. [...] • Support to ‘demand-side’ citizen engagement: SLGP, SAVI and PERL-ECP State Teams provide Over the three generations of UK governance and facilitate capacity building and mentoring programming, interventions and ways of working support to civil society groups, media personnel have been shaped by the changing domestic and SHoA politicians, both individually and policy environment in the UK, and by.




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