Laure-Helene Piron September 2022
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Laure-Helene Piron September 2022

31 August 2022


SELECTED ASSIGNMENTS Political Thinking and Working Politically Community of Practice (2015-present) governance § Regular presenter and steering committee member (since 2019) and political Political Economy Analysis and Thinking&Working Politically training (2017-present) economy approaches § Core trainer of TPP-ODI online PEA in action training for UK government and other clients § Co-planned and. [...] Study lead author § Remote facilitation, mentoring and continued capacity development of 2021& 22 updates Review of World Bank’s use of political analysis in fragile contexts (March-August 2022) § Team leader for review of the uptake of analysis in fragile and politically unstable contexts § Author of Honduras case study. [...] Responsible for Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda and Uganda case studies Design of DFID Ghana civil society programme (June-July 2004) § Human rights lead for the design of the £4.7 m Rights and Voice Initiative Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers and Politics, DFID (November 2002-May 2004) § Lead author of synthesis paper on the political dimensions of PRSPs reviewing Bolivia, Uganda, Vietnam and Georg. [...] Security and Justice Policy Statement, DFID (June 2016) § Consultation and drafting of short DFID policy statement on the role of security and justice to update DFID’s approach as part of a new UK Government Building Stability Policy DFID Senior Governance Adviser and Team Leader (2009-14) § Led cross-departmental development of updated DFID rule of law policy (2013) § Oversaw design of new DFID c. [...] Responsible for Rwanda case study Evaluation of DFID support to OHCHR, DFID (September 2002-January 2003) § Evaluation of the Partnership between the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and DFID, commissioned by the Conflict and Humanitarian Affairs Department Research into the Right to Development, DFID (Nov 2001-Nov 2002) § Researched the ‘right to development’ debate.