SDC 9-5 - Report of the Correspondence Group (Canada)


SDC 9-5 - Report of the Correspondence Group (Canada)

2 Nov 2022

I:\SDC\9\SDC 9-5.docx SDC 9/5 Page 8 Energy Efficiency and URN Reduction 31 Based on terms of reference .5 for the Group and annex 1 to document SDC 8/WP.8 that highlighted the need to "identify and engage on areas of collaboration between SDC and the Pollution and Prevention Response Sub-Committee to continue the review of the Guidelines and provide recommendations/actions on the most appropriate. [...] If finalization cannot be achieved, develop recommendations for SDC to complete the review of the 2014 Guidelines; .2 finalize and prioritize the list of provisional suggestions to promote the work of the Organization to increase awareness, uptake, and implementation of the Guidelines, as set out in annex 5; .3 further consider the inclusion of a practical method for baselining when direct measure. [...] Action requested of the Sub-Committee 43 The Sub-Committee is invited to approve this report in general and, in particular to: .1 consider the comments and proposals in paragraphs 14 to 41 and in annexes 4, 5, 6 and 7; and .2 agree with the Group's recommendation to re-establish a Working Group to Review the Guidelines for the Reduction of Underwater Noise (MEPC.1/Circ.833) with the draft terms of. [...] A successful strategy to reduce URN should be a process which includes, to the extent possible, the designing stage, the baselining of URN measurements (predicted or actual), the development of noise reduction targets, and the implementation of technical and operational measures. [...] PLACEHOLDER - introductory paragraph to reflect the status of research from the various projects addressing URN reduction and link to the Compendium Design and technical noise reduction approaches The greatest opportunities for reduction of underwater noise will be during the initial design and build stages of the ship.