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COMPLIANCE DETERMINATION Matthew – Recommendation 6 0.25

11 Jan 2023

Recommendation Information Special Report Name: The Slow Disappearance of Matthew: A Family’s Fight for Youth Mental Health Care in the Wake of Bullying and Mental Illness Date Released: 2/27/2020 Full Recommendation: Recommendation Six: (including details) Long-term residential mental health treatment for youth. [...] The Manitoba Advocate for Children and Youth recommends that the Government of Manitoba, through the Department of Health, Seniors and Active Living create a long-term, residential treatment centre for youth who are in the top tier of mental health care needs and for whom less intensive options have been ineffective. [...] • The proposed lodge will be a one stop resource centre, and will provide substance use and mental health supports for all youth involved in the justice system. [...] This includes engaging with Shared Health to expand mental health assessment and treatment services for children and youth at Health Sciences Centre (HSC) in Winnipeg. [...] • Phase Two (Stage One) of this initiative will include: o Increased capacity in the Child and Adolescent Rapid Assessment Clinic (CARAC) for additional children and youth to be able to receive a rapid psychiatric assessment.


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