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The Israeli Democracy Index 2022 | The Israel Democracy Institute

24 January 2023


The proportion of secular Jews Freedom of expression: In the previous two surveys, the majority of Jewish who agree with this statement is the lowest of the religious groups, while that of Haredim respondents believed that this principle was upheld too much or to the right degree, is the highest. [...] The Supreme Court places third in the Jewish sample (multi-year average, 59.5%), and Assessments of the extent to which the composition of the Knesset reflects the distribution first in the Arab sample (multi-year average, 55.9%). [...] This no simple thing, given the fact that the country is currently in the throes between different sectors and groups; the optimal balance between the Jewish and democratic of an ongoing political crisis caused in part by the dismal reality of profound differences components of Israeli identity; and assorted other topics at the heart of the country’s political, between various segments of the Isra. [...] Over the years, the Right has been the camp with the most positive view of Israel’s situation, and the Left, the most negative, as reflected in the multi-year averages of the favorable responses (Right, 39.0%; Center, 30.7%; Left, 22.6%). [...] Over the years, the sense of security has As shown in the following figure, this downturn stems primarily from the plummeting sense of clearly been weaker among Arab respondents than among Jews (multi-year averages: Jews, security on the Right with the formation of the Bennett-Lapid government (from 84% in 2020, 61.2%; Arabs, 45.2%), including in the present survey, despite the fact that when we f.



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