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Norwegian Embassy Sarajevo

25 Jan 2023

The views expressed in this publication are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway in Bosnia and Herzegovina. [...] Azinović is the author, co- author or editor of a large number of books, including "Waiting Games: Assessment and Response to the Threat of the Return of Foreign Fighters in the Western Balkans" (2018); "Between Salvation and Terror: radicalization and the phenomenon of foreign fighters in the Western Balkans" (2017). [...] The research and analysis present accurate indicators of the number of proceedings, presented evidence, gender of the perpetrators, access to evidence by the participants in the proceedings, the results of the proceedings and numerical indicators of pronounced judgments and the number of prosecuted foreign terrorist fighters before the judiciary in Bosnia and Herzegovina. [...] There, followers of the Islamist movement are said to "reject as 'unwanted novelties' almost everything after the development and practice of Islam of the first generations of Muslims… insist on preserving the Islamic teachings on monotheism and strive to return to the Qur'an (the holy book of Muslims) and the Sunnah (the tradition of Prophet Muhammad)… [and] consider their interpretation of the I. [...] Employing multiple methods can help eliminate bias by establishing a consistency of results (i.e., triangulation); can strengthen the results (i.e., complementarity), as well as the depth and scope of the study (i.e., expansion); and can improve the validity of the instruments and the integrity and significance of the study.
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