cover image: A Needs Assessment of Afghan Human Rights Defenders


A Needs Assessment of Afghan Human Rights Defenders

17 Jan 2023

While hundreds of HRDs and activists have escaped, many more remain trapped.3 Because of the evolving social, economic, political, and security context, the AHRCM deemed it necessary to collect data on the existing, emerging, and escalating protection needs of HRDs and WHRDs at risk inside and outside of Afghanistan. [...] This report aims to provide quantitative and qualitative information on the circumstances Afghan HRDs face in and out of Afghanistan, share their stated short- and long-term needs with the partners and agencies who are positioned to fulfill them, and provide recommendations on how to protect the safety and dignity of these brave advocates. [...] This demand stems from the closure The international community—including UN agencies of the Afghan civic space, the lack of a legal framework and governing organs, international nongovernmental for HRD protection, and the overall absence of protection organizations (INGOs), regional and global donors, the structures and capacity. [...] work as possible.” • In October and December 2021, four Media workers and CSAs were targeted and killed in Nangarhar.9 • The Taliban punished, insulted, and tortured 35 HRDs and WHRDs in public displays in Badakhshan, Herat, Kabul, and verification became more difficult, correlating to the and Balkh provinces. [...] with HRDs inside and outside the country to maintain and • Voice support for HRDs who are under direct and severe increase global attention on Afghan HRDs’ circumstances, threat morally, financially, and politically, regardless of risks, and needs and to inform engaged partners and their location.
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